How To Take Care Of Sales And Marketing Teams Through CRM Integration

In the following article you will find out how to get sales teams and the marketing department to understand the usefulness of CRM, and especially the myth of CRM, the benefits, sales technology and mobile accesses. Here is an extract of the article: A content relationship management system (CRM) will not transform a business without[…]

The Ranges Of Functionalities Provided By Leading CRM Platforms

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5 Essentials CRM Integrations To Implement Early

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Has CRM Become Too Complicated?

At iNet Process, we are passionated about CRM and especially SugarCRM. SugarCRM is the cure for overblown, oversold CRM. With Sugar, you will get a simple user interface, industry-leading customer experience, and an intuitive customization platform. Why choosing Sugar? – It is designed for you SugarCRM provides an easy-to-use CRM interface focused on features that[…]

Why your CRM implementation might fail, what you can do about it

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