Predict Your Marketing Automation Strategy With These 3 Fundamental Factors

How to predict the success of your Marketing Automation strategy? The following article will help you with 3 fundamental factors to take into account in your strategy. These factors are about email frequency and form submissions. Here is an extract of the article: Act-On has identified the three factors – the Fundamental 3 – for[…]

Marketing Automation: 5 Trends For 2018

After learning the 7 steps to build a successful marketing automation strategy in a previous article, you will discover in the following article the 5 trends for 2018 in Marketing Automation. Actually, the current trends seen in 2017 are that digital channels are becoming more effective & more important, and marketing automation is becoming increasingly[…]

7 Steps To Build A Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

In the following article you will understand the 7 steps to build a efficient marketing automation strategy. These steps are: 1- understanding the customer journey 2- mapping out production 3- setting goals 4- mapping stages of the funnel to content 5- amplifying the reach 6- application integration 7- testing and improving continuously You can find[…]

5 Things To Do Before Investing In Marketing Automation

In the following article you will understand the main actions to execute before investing in Marketing Automation. These actions are about: – how to identify qualified leads – how to study the current nurturing process – how to track marketing activities – how to evaluate customized strategies – how to understand the ways data is[…]

The Marketing Features A CRM Needs To Have

Following our previous article about the 5 essentials CRM integrations to implement early, in the following article you will learn four marketing features your CRM solution should include: – Email Marketing Automation – Integrated Web Forms – Customizable – Social Media Integration Here is an extract of the article: Although most businesses recognize CRM solutions[…]

5 Essentials CRM Integrations To Implement Early

In the following article, you will learn the 5 CRM integrations that you can execute in your activities, to create a powerful system that will respect and automatize your processes. These 5 integrations are about: – Marketing Automation – Business Intelligence – Enterprise Resource Planning – Social Media – Website Here is an extract of[…]

CRM vs Marketing Automation Software: What Do You Really Need?

In the following article, you will find out the main purposes of CRM and Marketing Automation software, and how they differ. Likewise, you will learn more about how to improve customer service, lead generation, or customer retention. Here is the extract of the article: CRM and marketing automation software are popping up all over the[…]

What is the best marketing automation software to choose in 2017?

In the following article, you will find out the list of robust and popular marketing automation software that you may select in 2017. Here is the extract of the article: Marketing operations are more complex compared to other functions. It can be divided into two parts: online marketing and offline marketing. Offline marketing mostly involves[…]