How Sales And Marketing Teams Can Work Better

When implementing an inbound strategy, one main step is to make Sales and Marketing teams work together. As the following article mention, this is possible thanks to: – Collaborating to improve the customer journey – Sharing plans and common SMART goals – Scheduling regular reviews Here is an extract of the article: It’s the time[…]

5 Things To Do Before Investing In Marketing Automation

In the following article you will understand the main actions to execute before investing in Marketing Automation. These actions are about: – how to identify qualified leads – how to study the current nurturing process – how to track marketing activities – how to evaluate customized strategies – how to understand the ways data is[…]

CRM vs Marketing Automation Software: What Do You Really Need?

In the following article, you will find out the main purposes of CRM and Marketing Automation software, and how they differ. Likewise, you will learn more about how to improve customer service, lead generation, or customer retention. Here is the extract of the article: CRM and marketing automation software are popping up all over the[…]

The Essential Lead Management CRM Features Your Organization needs

In a previous article you learned about the main CRM features for sales automation. In this article, you will find out the main Lead Management features of a CRM, that are implemented and available in SugarCRM for instance. These main features are about: – Campaign management – Web Forms – Lead Routing – Lead Conversion[…]