Using A CRM Can Change Your Business

In the following article, you will learn how a platform like a CRM allows you to actively manage and organize your client information all in one place, which such a useful tool for anyone who wants to increase engagement with their customers. Salesforce is mentioned in the article. SugarCRM has similar features to get outstanding[…]

The Core CRM Features Regarding Customer Service and Support

In two previous article you learned about the main CRM features that you need for lead management and sales activities. In this article, you will find out the main Customer Services and Support features of a CRM, that are implemented and available in SugarCRM for instance. These main features are about: – Case management –[…]

CRM vs Marketing Automation Software: What Do You Really Need?

In the following article, you will find out the main purposes of CRM and Marketing Automation software, and how they differ. Likewise, you will learn more about how to improve customer service, lead generation, or customer retention. Here is the extract of the article: CRM and marketing automation software are popping up all over the[…]

The right questions to ask before evaluating CRM platforms

In the following article, you will discover the different steps to evaluate CRM platforms, regarding the core functionalities (Sales, Marketing, Customer Services) as well as innovative functionalities (Social CRM, Business Intelligence etc…). Then, you will learn the different questions to ask to narrow down the potential choices. Here is the extract of the article: The[…]