How SugarCRM Innovates To Address GDPR Compliance

In the following article, you will get an overview of SugarCRM innovations to ensure a data protection compliant with GDPR. These innovations are about:
– a new module to manage data subject requests
– managing the lawfulness of data processing

Here is an extract of the article:

Personal data is valuable, and it’s easier than ever to obtain. Since the onset of the digital revolution, consumers have made it very easy for companies to sweep up a great detail of data about themselves and their activities.

While all this data has been a boon to companies’ sales and marketing efforts, it’s created some bad corporate habits. While some companies are open about their data practices, many seem to operate under the motto: “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Some of the biggest companies in the world keep their users in the dark about how personal data is used and they often collect data they have no immediate use for, reasoning that it might be valuable in the future.

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At iNet Process, we are taking care of data protection. Hence, we are upgrading our processes, contracts and software to address GDPR compliance.

If you want to get support or if you have questions regarding GDPR and how SugarCRM can help you to address GDPR compliance, contact-us to get advice.