How to succeed in maximizing ROI from SugarCRM


In the following article, you will learn the practices to avoid and the ones to strenghten in order to maximize the ROI from your CRM.

First, the 3 practices to avoid are:
1. Infighting between Sales & Marketing CRM
2. Acting on your Data
3. Building “Relationships” with Customers

Below, you will find out what you are supposed to do in order to maximize the ROI from your CRM

Here is the extract of the article:

A lot of businesses struggle when it comes to getting the best ROI from their CRM implementations. The usual complaints include phrases like

“We implemented ‘XYZ’ CRM and our Sales haven’t shot up”
“My users are spending a lot of time in manual data entry”
“Our users are still using the old methods/tools of Sales”
“I am spending a lot on CRM subscription and not sure why”
“Our CRM doesn’t seem to show exactly what’s happening”

Sounds familiar?

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