How Sennheiser Electronic Is Using SugarCRM To Power The Future Of Audio

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In the following video, you will learn how a world leader in manufacturing, distributing and selling microphones, headphones and wireless transmission technology, Sennheiser, decided to deploy Sugar CRM to improve their global sales activities.

According to Klaus Hoeling, group IT director, Sugar was chosen because it was a good fit for their requirements, providing the main features needed. Sugar support a sales-force of 600 people worldwide. It supports processes to conduct sales, managing Opportunities, transforming Leads to Accounts, and also creating Cases to track customer requests from a web page and assigned to the good person.

According to them, the main benefit of Sugar is to improve the sales process efficiency, and also bring transparency for the global team, thanks to one unique database which can be used by any sales rep no matter which country.

Internal audio acoustics manufacturer Sennheiser pioneers the future of audio by using SugarCRM to hear a clearer message from its customers

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