How Sales And Marketing Teams Can Work Better

sales marketing team better

When implementing an inbound strategy, one main step is to make Sales and Marketing teams work together. As the following article mention, this is possible thanks to:
– Collaborating to improve the customer journey
– Sharing plans and common SMART goals
– Scheduling regular reviews

Here is an extract of the article:

It’s the time of year when sales teams wrap up celebrating last year’s wins and start setting goals to exceed last year’s performance. Likewise, marketing teams are heads-down in planning their own strategies for the year. Too often, though, those teams are so focused on their own planning that they forget they’re stronger together.

Sales and marketing are integrally linked to business success, and while there’s been a long-standing dichotomy between them, the beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to use a clean slate to build a bridge. As you’re working on your 2018 sales kickoff and thinking about how you can meaningfully include marketing in the discussion, consider some of these tactics.

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Thanks to a CRM like SugarCRM, integrated with Marketing software like Act-on or Hubspot, Sales and Marketing are able to share data and work in a common process of lead qualification.

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