Predict Your Marketing Automation Strategy With These 3 Fundamental Factors

marketing automation strategy

How to predict the success of your Marketing Automation strategy?
The following article will help you with 3 fundamental factors to take into account in your strategy. These factors are about email frequency and form submissions.

Here is an extract of the article:

Act-On has identified the three factors – the Fundamental 3 – for predicting your marketing automation success.

On the Rethink Marketing podcast, we recently interviewed Phil Bosley from Tactical Marketing about the Fundamental 3. Before launching his new company, Phil lead the Lead Marketing Strategist at Act-On, consulting with thousands of customers on their marketing efforts.

One of the his last projects at Act-On was researching what is it that makes our customers have a successful experience with the platform. There were plenty of opinions. Some just thought you had had to log in a lot to Act-On. Others just though it was the quality of your marketing.

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