The Marketing Features A CRM Needs To Have

Following our previous article about the 5 essentials CRM integrations to implement early, in the following article you will learn four marketing features your CRM solution should include:
– Email Marketing Automation
– Integrated Web Forms
– Customizable
– Social Media Integration

Here is an extract of the article:

Although most businesses recognize CRM solutions as an essential tool for their sales force, not so many have integrated a CRM system across all of their departments. Today, CRM system providers are focusing more on the integration of marketing departments.

Aside from allowing company employees to collaborate with one another and salespeople to track their sales, SugarCRM has advanced CRM systems that include expanded options meant to ensure users enjoy improved and informed marketing efforts.

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At iNet Process, we are regularly executing such integrations with SugarCRM for our customers.

If you are interested in integrating, and customizing SugarCRM and related products within your entire applications set, contact-us for a demo.