Marketing Content, 7 Characteristics For Greatness

content marketing

In the following article, you will learn the best practices about creating great marketing content for your activities. 7 characteristics are identified and are about:
– knowing the target audience
– knowing the place of content in the buying cycle
– telling the story with customer-centric examples
– using images
– thinking beyond the document
– using a call-to-action
– creating once, amplifying everywhere

Here is an extract of the article:

Marketing content drives business. Buyers are searching for information that will inform, educate, or help them solve a problem. In order for content marketing to be successful it must accomplish two things. Whether it’s a datasheet, white paper, demo script, or webpage, marketing content needs to speak directly to the needs and wants of your prospects and customers. Secondly, your content must address every stage of your buyer’s journey – from building brand awareness, to driving demand, to expanding customer relationships.

It can be a delicate balance, but getting the right message to the right person at the right time offers tremendous upside: It establishes credibility and authority, creates brand affinity, and – perhaps most importantly – reduces sales resistance.

So how do you craft great marketing content that gets results?

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