Marketing Automation: 5 Trends For 2018

After learning the 7 steps to build a successful marketing automation strategy in a previous article, you will discover in the following article the 5 trends for 2018 in Marketing Automation. Actually, the current trends seen in 2017 are that digital channels are becoming more effective & more important, and marketing automation is becoming increasingly popular.

In the following article, you can review some likely trends in 2018.

Here is an extract of the article:

Marketing automation is a tool that more businesses are seeing the potential in every day. Hubspot reported that businesses using marketing automation to nurture leads received a 451% increase in qualified leads so it’s not hard to see why many businesses owners are taking advantage of this system. Marketing automation is always evolving and new software, systems and features are being developed every day. Because of this new automation trends appear all the time and some popular methods are replaced by improved tactics.

Let’s talk about what marketing automation actually means…

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