What Is Lead Scoring In An Inbound Marketing Strategy?

lead scoring inbound marketing

In the following video, you will discover how to score leads. Actually, when you deploy an Inbound strategy, you will be able to attract several leads. The main challenge is that around 10% of these leads may become customers. Then, you need to prioritize and get in touch with the right persons to be efficient in your sales activities.

To implement a lead scoring strategy, you can start by determining conversion rate for all your leads. Then, you can set the criteria to separate your leads, should it be the location, the industry, the business size, and also the behavior of the lead (which pages were visited and how often). Eventually, you can compare the close rate of your leads with each criteria to make priorities in reaching out the good persons.

How do you know which of your inbound leads are most likely to convert into paying customers? Meet lead scoring. Lead scoring is the process of assigning a value to each lead so your sales team can prioritize outreach.

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