The Best Way To Prioritize B2B Leads

In the following article, you will discover how the method of qualifying leads is evolving, adding scoring criteria to the traditional BANT and CHAMP methods of leads qualification. Are you prioritizing your leads well enough? Let’s find out! Here is the extract of the article: No offense, but most of your B2B leads most likely[…]

How Sales And Marketing Teams Can Work Better

When implementing an inbound strategy, one main step is to make Sales and Marketing teams work together. As the following article mention, this is possible thanks to: – Collaborating to improve the customer journey – Sharing plans and common SMART goals – Scheduling regular reviews Here is an extract of the article: It’s the time[…]

5 Reasons To Implement A LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy

Over the whole list of social media channels, B2B leads are coming in majority from LinkedIn. It is no doubt that you have to take this social media into account in your marketing automation strategy. In the following article you will find out the main reasons to use LinkedIn in your Marketing Strategy. This reasons[…]

Improve Your Relationships With Mobile Customers

As we mentioned in previous articles, mobile is one rising trend over the last months, and knowing how to target mobile users is becoming a must in digital marketing. In the following article, you will find out 5 tips to improve your relationships with mobile-first customers. This tips are about mobile-responsiveness for websites, social media,[…]

How Customer Experience Is Impacted By CRM

In the following article you will understand why your CRM is the fondamental tool for superior customer experience, thanks to the methodology ESSTER. You will also be able to download a free guide to deliver great and lasting relationship Here is an extract of the article: It’s no secret that digital transformation is disrupting the[…]