What Are B2B E-Commerce Trends For 2018?

You may already know the CRM trends or Marketing Automation trends for 2018. What are the trends regarding B2B E-commerce? In the following article, you will find out the point of view of OroCommerce co-founder. These trends are about: – Changing profiles of B2B buyers – Evolution of mobile e-commerce – Personalization – Integration of[…]

The Difference Between PunchOut Catalogs And B2B eCommerce Sites

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EDI And B2B eCommerce Comparison

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How Manufacturing And Supply Industry Are Changed With eCommerce

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What Amazon Can Teach About B2B Ecommerce

In the following article you will understand why B2B e-commerce platforms like Amazon Business, and also OroCommerce have features that fits specific B2B buyers needs. These needs are for instance: – Managing order approval; – Electronic invoicing – Personalized pricing & discounts – One account – multiple buyers – Reporting and tracking functions – Easy[…]