These 5 Content Strategy Mistakes May Kill Your Results

In the following article you will found out 5 mistakes to avoid in your content strategy. These mistakes are about: – Having a content strategy – Having a documentation for this strategy – Make tangential content, in inbound strategy, we also mention about educational content, instead of branding promotion. – Having a distribution strategy –[…]

Content Marketing Should Connect To Sales Strategy

Content Marketing is one core component of any inbound strategy. In the following article you will find out why the relationship between content and sales is so important, how you can get better conversions thanks to a content marketing strategy. Here is an extract of the article: Content marketing and sales are two of the[…]

How To Build An Excellent Inbound Strategy

In the following article you will understand the 4 components to build a efficient inbound marketing strategy. These components are: 1- Content 2- Search 3- Design 4- Social media Here is an extract of the article: Ever since HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan coined the term “inbound marketing,” it has been all the rage. And for[…]

What Are GDPR Requirements For Marketing

You may wonder if the new European data regulation named GDPR has an impact on your Marketing activities. In the following article, you will lean about the key things to implement in Marketing communications when working with European customer data, especially about the notion of double opt-in and the importance of transparency to prospects and[…]

5 Reasons To Implement A LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy

Over the whole list of social media channels, B2B leads are coming in majority from LinkedIn. It is no doubt that you have to take this social media into account in your marketing automation strategy. In the following article you will find out the main reasons to use LinkedIn in your Marketing Strategy. This reasons[…]

Predict Your Marketing Automation Strategy With These 3 Fundamental Factors

How to predict the success of your Marketing Automation strategy? The following article will help you with 3 fundamental factors to take into account in your strategy. These factors are about email frequency and form submissions. Here is an extract of the article: Act-On has identified the three factors – the Fundamental 3 – for[…]

Marketing Content, 7 Characteristics For Greatness

In the following article, you will learn the best practices about creating great marketing content for your activities. 7 characteristics are identified and are about: – knowing the target audience – knowing the place of content in the buying cycle – telling the story with customer-centric examples – using images – thinking beyond the document[…]