How Sennheiser Electronic Is Using SugarCRM To Power The Future Of Audio

In the following video, you will learn how a world leader in manufacturing, distributing and selling microphones, headphones and wireless transmission technology, Sennheiser, decided to deploy Sugar CRM to improve their global sales activities. According to Klaus Hoeling, group IT director, Sugar was chosen because it was a good fit for their requirements, providing the[…]

These 5 Content Strategy Mistakes May Kill Your Results

In the following article you will found out 5 mistakes to avoid in your content strategy. These mistakes are about: – Having a content strategy – Having a documentation for this strategy – Make tangential content, in inbound strategy, we also mention about educational content, instead of branding promotion. – Having a distribution strategy –[…]

Content Marketing Should Connect To Sales Strategy

Content Marketing is one core component of any inbound strategy. In the following article you will find out why the relationship between content and sales is so important, how you can get better conversions thanks to a content marketing strategy. Here is an extract of the article: Content marketing and sales are two of the[…]

The Best Way To Prioritize B2B Leads

In the following article, you will discover how the method of qualifying leads is evolving, adding scoring criteria to the traditional BANT and CHAMP methods of leads qualification. Are you prioritizing your leads well enough? Let’s find out! Here is the extract of the article: No offense, but most of your B2B leads most likely[…]

How Sales And Marketing Teams Can Work Better

When implementing an inbound strategy, one main step is to make Sales and Marketing teams work together. As the following article mention, this is possible thanks to: – Collaborating to improve the customer journey – Sharing plans and common SMART goals – Scheduling regular reviews Here is an extract of the article: It’s the time[…]