The 7 Essentials Questions to Ask Before Choosing a CRM

In the following article, you will find out the 7 essentials questions that you may ask before choosing your CRM system. The best way to avoid being constrained by technology choices somewhere down the road, is to do some serious thinking (and in some cases, re-thinking) upfront. The question is, do you know what constraints to look for and how to avoid them?

Here is the extract of the article and the 7 essentials questions:

We only need to take a quick glance at global politics to realize how important it is to prepare for radical change and disruption.

Smart organizations are gearing up to respond to challenges we can’t yet imagine, and staying ready to evolve in a fast-moving global marketplace. This is exciting to witness.

But, we get the feeling that plenty of companies are still making technology choices based on what the herd is doing. Whilst this might offer a short-term feeling of safety, it’s just not the wisest course of action at such a challenging, disruptive time. Almost every industry is brutally competitive, consumers are empowered, and brands won’t be rewarded for mediocrity.

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