5 Things To Do Before Investing In Marketing Automation

In the following article you will understand the main actions to execute before investing in Marketing Automation. These actions are about:
– how to identify qualified leads
– how to study the current nurturing process
– how to track marketing activities
– how to evaluate customized strategies
– how to understand the ways data is collected

Here is an extract of the article:

Learning a new business process takes time and money. You have to train team members and select software that fits your budget.

Right now, many companies are evaluating their options when it comes to marketing automation. The primary question being asked: Is it worth the investment? Colin Bentley, group product manager at Intercom, offers his opinion.

“The key benefit of marketing automation is its ability to provide a personal experience that directly relates to the action each person takes. Good marketing automation creates a connected set of personalized and relevant messages that enrich the customer journey and help them discover and use your products.”

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