These 5 Content Strategy Mistakes May Kill Your Results

content strategy mistakes

In the following article you will found out 5 mistakes to avoid in your content strategy. These mistakes are about:
– Having a content strategy
– Having a documentation for this strategy
– Make tangential content, in inbound strategy, we also mention about educational content, instead of branding promotion.
– Having a distribution strategy
– Creating content for specific personas and the different stages in their customer journey.

Here is an extract of the article:

It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going if you’re going in the wrong direction. That, in a nutshell, is why content strategy matters so much. Because more work does not equal better results.

More smart work = better results, sure. But if your content strategy is off, it’s not your work ethic, or your skills, or your budget, your software, or your team that is the problem.

There’s research that backs this up: Among the B2B marketers who say they’re more successful with content marketing this year than last year, 72% credit having a strategy or having a better strategy as the factor that made the difference.

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