The Best Way To Prioritize B2B Leads

In the following article, you will discover how the method of qualifying leads is evolving, adding scoring criteria to the traditional BANT and CHAMP methods of leads qualification. Are you prioritizing your leads well enough? Let’s find out! Here is the extract of the article: No offense, but most of your B2B leads most likely[…]

How Sales And Marketing Teams Can Work Better

When implementing an inbound strategy, one main step is to make Sales and Marketing teams work together. As the following article mention, this is possible thanks to: – Collaborating to improve the customer journey – Sharing plans and common SMART goals – Scheduling regular reviews Here is an extract of the article: It’s the time[…]

How To Build An Excellent Inbound Strategy

In the following article you will understand the 4 components to build a efficient inbound marketing strategy. These components are: 1- Content 2- Search 3- Design 4- Social media Here is an extract of the article: Ever since HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan coined the term “inbound marketing,” it has been all the rage. And for[…]

How To Access Tutorials For SugarCRM End Users And Administrators

From our previous articles, you can be informed about the lastest updates of SugarCRM, for example the CRM new look. Beyond this, you may wonder how to quickly learn about this CRM? Thanks to SugarCRM University, you will be able to access tutorials about: – What’s new with Sugar – Sugar End Users tutorials –[…]